Hi, I am Ruchika, a deeply creative and sensitive person, thinker, seeker with an entrepreneurial spirit. While I enjoyed my jobs, creating my businesses is where I truly thrive. Being an entrepreneur stimulates my creativity, and allows me to fulfill my deeper desires. I own 2 businesses –

 Ruchika Handa

More than any other facet my choice of career and decision to be an entrepreneur is and continues to be a revelation of how my intrinsic nature and name are the foundation on which I’ve been creating my life. People go away with a lightness after spending time with me. I have often been told this. I didn’t do much about it for a long time.

Looking back at it, I see how I choose based on rationality and logic, instead of looking at what was true for me. I used to think that it was somehow wrong or excessive to be too sensitive and creative! This confused me and I used up too much energy to suppress my gifts and strengths.


I am a seeker, and when on an instinctive path, I know that persevering is the only way to get your knowing! The mind is always in conflict with instinct! I became aware that sensitive and creative people like me require constant reminders and care to flourish. Who better than your own self to do it!

This was the turning point, and confusion transformed into clarity!

I followed my instinct and became an entrepreneur with not one but two businesses that are literally two faces of a coin! Labonie is about your individual style and Elegance of Living is for harnessing your inner beauty and power. These businesses engage my “creative and sensitive superpowers”. I have so much fun working for I am doing something that comes naturally to me. Am so grateful to be where I am today.

 Ruchika Handa

Labonie wasn’t an instant success. In fact, she and I evolved over the years since 2007 when it all began! The years of failure (as I saw them then) were a time of acknowledging and developing my true power.

Access Consciousness®, a gentle and powerful modality empowered me to see my sensitive, creative nature as a secret power instead of a burden and empowered me to transform my life. So much, that I felt compelled to teach and share these tools with those seeking a change. Received my certifications and started Elegance of Living in 2017 where I facilitate struggling, sensitive people, connect with their inner beauty and power!

Between 2007 and 2020 I closed Labonie for a few years when we moved countries. It gave me time to focus on my blocks, clear them, and in 2017 when I restarted, my personal growth poured into Labonie.

As I flourished, so did Labonie. I vividly remember my first road trip from Holland to Reims, France in 2020, for an exhibition. An excellent driver, I always doubted my ability to do long-distance drives, “What if I got lost, or had a crash, a breakdown…..” An unshakeable connection with my inner self fuelled me as I drove 900 km in 3 days, accomplishing a successful exhibition!

 Ruchika Handa


Inspiring people to connect with their beauty – inside out so that they are their own source of inspiration.

This resonate with my name: RUCHIKA – TO INSPIRE

This beautiful synergy allows me to flow my energies from my true self. This gives me such inner joy and peace which reflects in my professional and personal life.

Happily married, mum to three kids, I am enthusiastic for the journey I will be on, every day, savoring the little and big moments.
Thank you for stopping by to read.

I look forward to meeting you in person or virtually, someday, someplace.