Dianthus Wool Shawl


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Casual, yet luxurious to coordinate with everything from jeans to dresses. A soft rose pink shawl with yellow, magenta florets, this pink wool shawl is for the woman who knows her colours, style and delights in expressing her inner beauty by `’Wearing HER Mantra“.

Hand embroidered with centuries old “Ari work” technique, this technique has been passed down generations of artisans who take pride in their work. Wool with its inherent flexible and tensile nautre allows you to style or drape your Labonie the way you like it.

Sold out!

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Outfits in beige, creme, black and more coordinate so well with this pink shawl to create and air of elegance about you, that is your very own. After all, a self-driven woman walks her own path. She is the Essence of Elegance in her style and life.

Try this: When you are in a hustle, take a moment wear your Labonie, in your favourite way and glimpse at yourself in the mirror. Do you SEE the elegant you?

This shawl is hand embroidered with Ari work technique by talented artisans from Kashmir, India. Dating from 16th century it was immensely popular with Mughal royalty. Labonie celebrates the artisans’ pride and perseverance to nuture their heritage in a techonlogy driven world. Eace shawl has its karigar’s (artisan) unique touch – a variation more than an imperfection. High quality, lint free wool and embroidery threads carefully selected for their durability assure you of a shawl that acquires a sheen as it adds on years.

Labonie emphasizes slow, conscious fashion, reflecting the times we live in.

Additional information

Dimensions 200 × 70 cm

40 grams (approximate)





Care Instructions

Dry Clean Only


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