Masae Pashmina Shawl



A Chic Pashmina in finely hand woven beige stripes and checks.

Embrace yourself with this statement piece for a subtle yet unmistakable elegance.

Dimension 200 cms * 70 cms

Pure Pashmina

Categories: SKU: PW white/beige check

You are the proud owner of a timeless pashmina that acquires a sheen as it ages. So wear it without worrying about the usual annoyances of wool products. It doesn’t give off the unsightly lint with wearage. It’s softness embraces you in a luxurious warmth, insulating you against the chilliest of weathers with style and elegance.

Pashmina is the down fibers or undercoat derived from domestic goats known as Capra hircus, that live in Himalayan mountains 14,000 feet high. Unable to take high tension, the Pashmina thread is hand-woven with techniques still in use since the 15th century. This weaving is an art in itself, that requires consummate patience, commitment and as the karigars often say, a calling from within, a state of oneness between hands and the fibre. Srinagar, India is the heart of pashmina and the intricate embroidery techniques associated with it.

The Masae will be with you for years, an heirloom to cherish and wear, a legacy for that special person, close to your heart.

Labonie emphasizes slow, conscious fashion, reflecting the times we live in.

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