Published On: March 11, 20211066 words5.3 min read
Published On: March 11, 20211066 words5.3 min read

A transformation with my business coach Gaelle LeCourt.

A year ago, I had hit an all time low personally and professionally. Labonie wasn’t successful, sales were very low and had become a money drain. My health had broken down and I struggled with bronchial attacks repeatedly. My energy was depleted and I was forced to convalesce by being on bed rest. I say forced, because I was itching to work at Labonie and Elegance of Living, to get them to change tracks. In hindsight being pinned down was the best thing to have happened. With ample time at hand, I started signing up for webinars and masterclasses to explore, learn and figure out what I could do to turn my business stories from failure to success.

The idea of online events came from one of them which I acted on in June. Though still not fully recovered, I had enough energy to put it together from the comfort of my home.

It’s tiny success fuelled my confidence to ask a few questions:

What could I do more or differently than I had done before to build on this so that Labonie could grow from a low sales, stagnant business to a flourishing business that would enable me to enjoy financial success and fulfill my dream?

I became aware that it was time to reflect and look inwards to see where and what the blocks within me were. It was as simple as that, but also incredibly difficult. Isn’t it far easier to blame systems, other people and try to fix them? Or be the victim to situations that you have no power over? I was fully justified in blaming Covid-19. It was bigger, better than anything else! I could’ve folded in and no one would have blamed me. I did consider it, but the one thing stopping me from doing that was, that I knew I hadn’t given it my 100%. Somewhere, I would have to face this, and that situation would also be just as challenging. Would I again justify and leave?

I decided to face up to it, and do that one that I hadn’t done before, and that was to look within!

Having listened to many business coaches, I had almost signed up a few times, before drawing back. There was something that wasn’t resonating with them, despite their guarantees of 5-6 figures success. Don’t get me wrong, am sure they are good at what they do, they just didn’t have the vibe I was searching for. And I am grateful to them, because they helped me to understand what wouldn’t work for me and my business. Honestly, if you ask me to explain the vibe, I won’t be able to, all I know is that when I sense it, it will be without a doubt.

There were even moments where my “failure” made me doubt myself so much that I didn’t think I had it in me to succeed so investing in a business coach was simply another effort wasted and money lost.

And then, I heard this master class by Gaelle Lecourtin September 2020: “Nail your Niche”.

YESSSS, she is the one, was so loud and clear that I immediately signed up. Didn’t even go through the fine print to see the content!

online session Gaelle LeCourt

#in an online session with Gaelle LeCourt

In a session with Gaelle Lecourt, Transformational coach at

When she said that copyrighting is both a science and an art, I knew that she wouldn’t be talking just numbers and strategies. The business owner had to take accountability for who they are, why a business is their career choice.

A business is not about you, it’s about your customer. It took me 3-4 months of stubborn diligence matched by your stubbornness for me to get it right Gaelle. I swear, there were moments when I was ready to scream at her!! I had come on board with 2 businesses that required a mission statement, and after 3 months, I just felt like I was going in circles with the same frigging bunch of words that had started feeling rubbish!!

With an even non-judgemental voice, she explained this simple concept in her sessions, apart from the structural components I would dutifully show up for the sessions, market research and home-work done. Within a few seconds, Gaelle, navigated through it, showing me how I was not putting my barriers down to BE all of me, vulnerable and honest. It was far easier to put together the words as an ACTION, rather than BEING the energy of THEM.

She said that and I quote, “I am very stubborn about my clients’ success”.

That was a moment, when I literally rode piggyback on her faith in me. I was nowhere feeling as successful as she thought I was capable of. Always, always deeply grateful for that hugely empowering moment to her. If we were doing this session in person instead of sitting behind our laptops in Mexico and Holland, I would have hugged her and bawled my heart out.

Gaelle Lecourt, rocks!

She pushed me, when I thought I’d given it my all, and am so grateful for her stubborn belief in me.

I don’t think I’ve worked this hard, ever. And I mean hard, because of the intense and difficult self reflections to seek the reasons to be an entrepreneur, having Laboni as a business.

Change is not always a comfortable and happy space!

6 months to the day I started working with her, I look back at Ruchika then and the person she is now… Ruchika till September 2020 was a small version of her true self which resulted in having to struggle too much personally and professionally. She discovered, embraced and learnt to live her true self during this journey.

Ruchika is a Hindi word meaning: To inspire

I cannot express in words, how much joy I get everyday, in work and outside to EMBODY the name I was given and BE me!

And all because I wanted my business to matter!!

Gaelle’s magic with words showed me how to own up to them so that they can reveal their power and potency to light us and our business from within and without in a truly elegant way!

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