Published On: February 25, 2021328 words1.7 min read
Published On: February 25, 2021328 words1.7 min read

I knew about posting on social media, zoom calls… as many of us are! And polished these skills during Corona Lockdowns and Quarantines. But hosting an exhibition meant modeling with my shawls and scarves and this was a totally different ball game! 

I was very sure that I was lacking in the skill sets and social media presence amongst many others for success in an online event. 

Did I even have it in me to go through it? Would anyone like to even host me?

But the one quality I had in abundance was a stubborn streak to not give up! And stop only after I had given my 100%. With a combination of fear, self-doubt, and resilience cooking in my head, I reached out to a client and shared the concept with her. She loved it and said, “LET’S DO IT”! This was music to my ears! 

Now what?? I had my faithful laptop, the shawls, scarves, and my office space. Nothing fancy or glamorous…

All my doubts and logic were pulling me back! 

So I asked myself, what’s the worst that could happen!

  • No one will sign up, and if they do, 
  • They will get bored

Are you still willing to go ahead, and I got this HUGE YESSS! Even though this was completely new territory, the idea thrilled me!

Choosing my instinct and the lightness within, I went ahead and had the event

Small turn out, 

A single Sale….

But a HUGGEE fist-pumping moment for me. I had walked through my fear, saw it melt away, to realize that I had it in me to create opportunities!  My horizons expanded along with my belief in myself!!!

Its an eventLawrence


The single sale opened doors that I couldn’t even imagine…! You don’t want to miss next week’s blog on how Labonie expanded because I listened to my instinct instead of my awareness! 


Thank you with a bigggg virtual hug Laurence Favier, for hosting it! 

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